About the blog

Meet Annie

Behind every great legal blog, is a woman covering her laptop in post-it notes with scrawled, barely legible ideas and downing tea by the gallon

– or words to that effect…

Hi, I’m Annie and I have created this blog pre-dominantly to make family law more accessible (but also to indulge my inner nerd and prove that lawyers can be human too!)

Having trained as a solicitor at a UK top 100 law firm, I wanted to share my experiences of the family courts, dispel some myths surrounding lawyers and the justice system more generally and write about the legal issues that are important to you and your family.

About the blog

Here you will find me waxing lyrical about all things family law, occasionally ranting about the odd judgement and passionately advocating for access to justice reform.

I understand that family matters (whether that involves getting divorced, sorting the finances or contact arrangements for the children) can be extremely emotive, stressful and at times all-consuming.

The aim of this blog is therefore to provide free information and/or commentary, in plain English, on a whole host of family law issues. With the occasional top tip for reducing acrimony thrown in for good measure.

To be clear, this blog is not a substitute for specialist legal advice. It simply can’t be, as it is not tailored to your unique situation – and believe me, no two family cases are ever the same!

Rather, this is merely intended to provide a free resource to some general information on a range of family law topics. And hopefully, other practitioners may also find what I say useful.

Therefore if you are looking for any specific advice in relation to a legal query, I would encourage you to instruct a solicitor (and indeed many legal firms will offer a free or discounted initial consultation).

I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it!



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